Behavioral Health

Today our children are faced with many pressures that bring crisis into their lives. If you are worried about your child or teenager. These are a few simple indicators in which to look for, if your child is having trouble:

– Worry and anxiety that impacts daily activities
– Not wanted to go to school or take part in activities
– Difficulty in focusing on or completing tasks
– Frequent nightmares
– Aggressive behaviors
– Frequent temper tantrums
– Periods of sadness without specific reason
– Changes I sleeping pattern
– Fighting
– Poor or declining grades
– Isolation and Sadness
– Drastic change in friends
– Talk of suicide
– Substance abuse

When to seek professional help

As a parent or guardian you are the expert on your child and if you think there is a reason to concerned, you’re probably right. Typically parents, guardians teachers, and other caregivers are the first to notice, if a child is struggling with emotions and other behaviors. If you have questions, concerns or a problem is suspected, we are here to help.