CentrePoint Academy

CentrePoint Academy provides early education and therapeutic supports for students (5 to 18 years) of all abilities through our continuum of programs. CentrePoint Academy when approved as a Day Treatment Program and Early Childhood Licensing by Colorado Deportment of Human Services will provide inclusive, high-quality direct services to children of all abilities that include for those that need the Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Speech and Occupational therapies as needed.

Inclusion means that students receive the support they need within natural settings (like the classroom, playground or community), rather than being pulled out and isolated from their peers. Interventions are embedded within classroom routines and natural activities, and assistive technologies and other accommodations encourage full participation in all activities for all children.

Our interdisciplinary teams – experts who work collaboratively to assist each child in support child’s cognitive, social, and motor development. We work alongside families with parent education programs to gain maximum impact. interdisciplinary teams include physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists, and early childhood special educators who specialize in children’s cognitive and social-emotional development. All team members share responsibilities in curriculum planning and implementation early childhood education programs and the implementation of the child’s IED.

When the program begins in Spring 2021 Our school hours will be: Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM. – 2:30 PM., year-round – Before and After care will also be available